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About Us

Azim Premji Foundation (2001) is a not-for-profit organisation working to accomplish its vision of a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. The work of the Foundation is organised into three units: Field Institutes, which along with Azim Premji Schools, carry out the Foundation’s mission on the ground and engage in education policy decisions at state and national levels; the University in Bengaluru (2010) that contributes to the social sector through teaching programmes and research and upholds high standards of quality and inclusion in higher education; and Philanthropy (2014) that supports, through multi-year grants, other not-for-profit-organisations serving the most vulnerable sections of society.

As mentioned above, Azim Premji University was founded in 2010 and started offering degree programmes in 2011. Its mandate is to run teaching programmes and conduct research to contribute to the social sector in India, and to be an exemplar higher education institution, especially with regard to inclusion and quality.

The University is focused on education and other domains of human development, including livelihoods, governance and policy, public health, and sustainability. At the undergraduate level, the University offers a broad-based liberal education – across physical and biological sciences, humanities and social sciences – integrated with interdisciplinary fields of human development that are the overall focus of the University.

The University initiated the translation of higher educational resources with the purpose of providing access to these in languages other than English to a larger number of students belonging to diverse socioeconomic backgrounds in India. This initiative was begun with the belief that the availability of quality resources in Indian languages will support students to engage more deeply and thoroughly with concepts and ideas. The translation efforts are currently being carried out in Hindi and Kannada, with a view to building discourses in these Indian languages.


This Translations Repository has been created with the following objectives:

  • Make high-quality academic resources in sciences, social science, humanities and languages available and accessible in Hindi and Kannada to all.
  • Enable wider dissemination of academic resources in Hindi and Kannada.
  • Enable university/college students, academics and practitioners to mine, use, and reuse academic resources in Hindi and Kannada.
  • Develop resources relevant for teacher-development efforts carried out by the Resource Persons of the Foundation, among others.
  • Promote original writing, reading, deliberation and discourse in Hindi and Kannada and build a sustainable ecosystem for the same.

Resources in Hindi and Kannada languages

  • Selected readings for postgraduate programmes in education and development, readings for undergraduate programmes in arts, sciences and diploma courses.
  • Selected texts, including readings from journals, extracts or complete chapters of books, and in some cases, entire books of disciplines in these programmes.
  • Articles from the publications of Azim Premji University that are focused on different aspects of school and teacher education. These include translated articles from Learning Curve, At Right Angles and iWonder. It also includes articles published in Pathshala Bheetar aur Baahar.
  • Research studies, seminar papers, readers, books, etc., published by the Azim Premji Foundation.
  • Podcasts, short films, panel discussions, brief lectures and materials in other formats for higher education programmes.

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